Home Security

Maine Fire & Security carries a full line of the most advanced home security  products on the market today so you can be assured your family, pets and home are in good hands. Our state of the art monitoring center will respond quickly to any alarms and ensure the alarm is handled with accuracy and professionalism.

Call us today and set up an appointment so we can determine what is right for your family. We provide the following products and services:

  • Fire and Burglar Alarm systems (Hard-wired and wireless)
  • State of the Art Monitoring (POTTS, Cellular, Internet or a combination)
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection (Wireless CO devices are available)
  • PERS systems (Personal Emergency Response Systems)
  • Hard-wired and wireless cameras with remote access via smart phone or computer
  • Remote control of your security system via your smart phone or computer
  • Z-wave device interaction
  • Home Audio and Video systems