Fire Protection Services, Fire Alarm Inspection & Fire Alarm Installation

Maine Fire and Security provides fire alarm inspections, fire alarm installations, service and monitoring for most major brand commercial fire alarm systems. Whether you have a Simplex, Notifier, EST or any other major brand fire alarm system, we can service it and perform your annual inspections to keep you up to code.

We also provide proper documentation for any hospital which are Joint Commission accredited.

If you aren’t happy with your existing fire alarm company or you just want a competitive quote for your annual fire alarm inspections, give us a call.

Fire protection services are often over looked in the residential market. Your family’s fire safety is our concern. Every home needs to be fully equipped to be able to notify the occupants in the event of a fire. It’s not as simple as placing smoke detectors on the ceiling. Proper placement and using the proper type of smoke detector are extremely important in both early detection and false alarm prevention. We even provide servicing programs to ensure your back-up batteries are replaced on a regular basis and the smoke detectors are in proper working condition. With today’s technology, wireless smoke detection is a viable option for many homes.

Carbon monoxide is another important factor. Carbon monoxide, also known as the silent killer is a tasteless, odorless and colorless gas that is created when fuels such as natural gas, coal, wood and other types of fuels do not burn off completely. These types of detectors also need to be strategically placed in your home. One fallacy of carbon monoxide detectors is that they need to be placed near the floor because its molecular weight is heavier than oxygen. The fact is that carbon monoxide and oxygen are very close to the same molecular weight. You can get more information on carbon monoxide by visiting