5 days ago

Maine Fire and Security

If anyone has any information about the perpetrators who did this, please call the Androscoggin Sheriff's Office at 207-753-2500

Deputies have released this video of two people slashing the tires of RSU 16 school buses in Poland overnight. The damage is estimated at $12,000.

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To everyone who has liked and shared our post supporting the raffle Maine Fire and Security had put in place, and especially those of you who have donated to this cause, we are beyond grateful. However because of a lack of donations and the few bad charities out there shedding a negative light on the ones trying to do a good thing in a bad situation, we have refunded everyone's money and sadly, we are shutting down the raffle. Maine Fire and Security would have spent a good deal of money between the Facebook promotion, the security system and sending a tech to do the installation. Instead, we are going to make a one time donation directly to the family in lieu of spending the money on this raffle. We feel this will be financially more beneficial to the Cole family than the amount of money the raffle would have raised. We had hoped to raise much more money than this, but we understand why some people would feel the way they do. We hope everyone understands where we are coming from and again want to thank everyone for their support. May God bless all first responders and keep you all safe. Our hearts go out to all of you and your families. Sincerely, Maine Fire and Security! ...

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