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Commercial and Residential Security Systems:

Security System Keypad Maine Fire and Security’s first choice in security systems are the Honeywell and DSC product line. Honeywell vista product line is by far the most bullet proof equipment to date. There are still many, many Honeywell panels on the wall today that were installed 25-30 years ago and still work today.

Honeywell has panels for residential with their Vista 20 line and go all the way to the commercial Vista 250 FBPT, a 250 point fire / burg combination panel. Honeywell has also worked with Inovonics and have developed an Inovonics receiver which works in the 900 MHZ range and connects directly to the Vista keypad bus making integration easy.

DSC NEO Security Systems

DSC, on the other hand, has the new NEO product line which also uses 900 MHZ range devices and work very well in a commercial environment.
If you’re looking for a security system for your home or business, Maine Fire & Security has the right solution for you.

Commercial and Residential Fire Systems: Fire Alarm Systems

Maine Fire and Security takes fire alarm detection and monitoring extremely serious, we are a Master Fire Alarm company in the city of Portland, Maine and have the skills and products to design, install, service and monitor a fire alarm system regardless of residential or commercial. Our technicians are Low Energy licensed technicians as well as NICET and IMSA certified.
We use only non-proprietary products like Fire Lite and Silent Knight.
If you’re a home owner and have hard-wired smokes in your home, we can monitor those as well. If you would like to find out more about this, contact us today!

Video Cameras: Video Surveillance

When it comes to video surveillance, nothing beats Hikvision for the “biggest bang for your buck”. Their video cameras product line has something for every situation, from analog cameras to 4k PTZ cameras with analytics like all the big players at a price point that is unbeatable.


What good is a great fire alarm system or security system if the monitoring response to the alarm is not up to par or for that matter non-existent? At Maine Fire & Security, when we install any system all zones are tested to ensure the signal gets where it needs to go.
We can monitor your system using plain old telephone lines (POTTS), cellular, radio, internet or a combination of these paths.
We not only monitor burglary and fire, but environmental alerts as well such as, low temperature, water detection, furnace shutdown, carbon monoxide and more.
If you’re looking for a company you can rely on at the end of the day, then you are making a smart decision when you pick up the phone and call us. As always, our consults are free, so before you get pressured into signing that contract with that BIG corporation, give us a call.

Commercial Fire Inspections:

If you own a commercial building and you are not having your fire inspections done, you are looking at a huge liability and one that could not only put you out of business, but could result in criminal charges brought against you.
When we perform a fire inspection, we document every device, test all signals and provide you, the customer, with a comprehensive report at the end of the day. If we find any issues, they are documented, and you are notified within 24 hours. If we have the parts in our truck, we will call you while we are on site and provide you with a price to make the repairs while we are there.
Annual fire inspections are a code requirement. Regardless of whether you have a Simplex panel, Notifier or any other brand, we can perform the inspections and in most cases, service the system as well. If you want a competitive price, give us a call.