Environmental Alarms

Environmental alarms protect critical equipment, vulnerable spaces, and important valuables from damage and disaster. Changing temperatures, moisture and water levels, and dangerous gas or smoke detection can all be monitored with these alarm products.

Imagine what would happen if your hot water heater burst while you were at work. It would continue to pump gallons of water every minute into your basement, ruining precious valuables.

What if your walk-in cooler failed at your food service business, ruining all your expensive provisions for the week.

Think about being away on vacation and your boiler breaks or a water pipe bursts.

Environmental alarms greatly reduce the risk of property damage, loss of expensive equipment, destruction of sensitive materials, and the valuable contents of your home. With environmental alarms, you will be able to catch break downs and near catastrophes before they become a major disaster. Should you experience a burst pipe or hot water heater, an installed shut-off valve will automatically shut off the main water supply to protect your property and belongings. Protect your home and business against devastating losses and costly destruction with environmental alarms.

Many insurance companies offer discounts for
environmental alarms and monitoring systems.

These valuable alarm systems monitor:
  • High Heat/Smoke Detection
  • Heat or Generator Failure
  • Power Outages
  • Refrigeration
  • Extreme Temperatures & Humidity
  • Floods (burst pipes or hot water heater, sump pump failure)
  • Water Leak Detection
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection
  • Oil Tank Leak
  • Refrigeration & Freezers

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