Fire Systems

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

A dependable fire detection and fire alarm system is crucial to the safety of your business and personnel. All of our systems are customized to your needs and include smoke and heat detection, alarm and notification protocols, and remote monitoring so that we are there 24/7 for your protection.

Rest easy knowing your business is protected:

  • Fire Alarm Installation
  • Fire Protection Services
  • Fire Alarm Inspection
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection
fire alarm systems

We work with building owners, property managers, and contractors to design, install, monitor, and maintain fire alarm systems. Our technicians are highly-trained and experienced in the field, and hold licenses and certifications including State of Maine Low Energy licensing, NICET (National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies), and IMSA (International Municipal Signal Association). We are a Master Fire Alarm Company for the city of Portland, Maine, a designation with the highest of standards.

Commercial Fire Detection Systems

Don’t risk your business assets going up in smoke!

Every business and commercial property needs to be fully equipped so that occupants are notified immediately in the event of a fire. In fact, most businesses are required by code to have a fire alarm system installed. Our sales representatives are trained and knowledgeable in designing the right system for your business requirements.

We provide fire alarm installation, service and monitoring for most major brands of commercial fire alarm systems. We service and inspect most proprietary brands including Simplex, Notifier, EST, and most other major brands of fire alarm systems. Our expertise in commercial system design, monitor placement, and system maintenance ensures our customers are protected against the devastation of a fire.

Commercial Fire Inspections

Make sure your business stays up to code to protect you and your customers!

Annual fire alarm inspections are required by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA72), and therefore mandated by all local municipalities and authorities. If you own a commercial building and you are not having your fire inspections done, you are looking at a huge liability. Failure to comply with this law could not only put you out of business, but could result in criminal charges brought against you in the case of an incident!

When we perform a fire inspection, we document every device, test all signals, and provide you with a comprehensive report for your records. If we find any issues, they are documented, and you are notified within 24 hours. If a repair is required and we have the parts available, we will call you while we are onsite and provide you with a price so that we can make the repairs while we are there.

Residential Fire Detection

A $10 battery operated smoke detector will NOT adequately
protect you and your family!

At Maine Fire & Security, it is our belief that fire safety is a top priority in any home. We will review what you have and see how we can make it better. We will ensure local code is being met, and provide you with documentation so you can receive the maximum discount available on your homeowners insurance. If you already have a hard-wired fire alarm system installed, we are happy to service and monitor that as well.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Carbon monoxide is a tasteless, odorless and colorless gas that is created when fuels such as natural gas, coal, wood and other types of fuels do not burn off completely. Often those poisoned by carbon monoxide are overcome before they can get to help. It is essential that these types of detectors are placed strategically to ensure proper protection of all building inhabitants.

We hope you will contact us to learn more about how Maine Fire & Security can help you install the best Security Camera Systems for your business!